The Care and Feeding of the Human Soul


What is this?

If you said the cosmetological equivalent of my novel… well you might be right, but that it wasn’t what I was going for. No, it’s the creative expression of a four-year-old girl rendered on her mother’s foot. I think it’s lovely.

Consider this little snippet of computer code that replaced two files and 1000+ lines: code snippet demonstrating reflection

Or what about the deep beauty of a perfectly polished black car?

Audi A5 cabrioletWhat do these things have in common? Creative expression, food for the soul.

What do you do?

Do you cook with abandon or sketch patterns in the margins of your paper during meetings? Maybe you snowboard with singular grace or stitch heaven to earth when you dance. When you put your fingertips to the keyboard do clocks hush to listen? Are you one of those people that can pair an old oversized t-shirt with a vintage jacket and turn heads when you walk in a room? Maybe you make cakes or take pictures, or you can nail the opening chords of Blackbird.

Whatever it is you do that feeds your soul, I hope you find the time to do it today.

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