The Beast is Born

Who is The Beast?

The Beast is my WIP – Work in Progress. There are no actual beasts in my book – only metaphorical ones –  but I call him (yes, he’s a him) The Beast because… well, because he is one.

Gary Busey 2007The Beast looks like a cross between Jabba The Hutt and Gary Busey. I mean no offense to Gary Busey — that is The Beast’s most charming aspect. He showed up one morning, quite uninvited — The Beast did, not Gary Busey.

I suspect he murdered the book I planned to write. He leaves ambiguous stains on the carpet, picks his nose, makes me late for work and makes rude appearances when I’m in the shower or on family outings.

It’s my plan, and my fervent wish, to finish this book as soon as possible in order to evict The Beast.

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