My Latest Mistake

Under the category of “Random” and “Stupid Things I Do”, I offer…


“Ocean” was her shelter handle. When we busted her out, we named her Emma.

She’s part Christmas Ornament Snatcher, part Guatemalan Pillow Eater, part mistake. Up until last Friday, she was incarcerated the local humane shelter. The reason for this is now clear to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her. She’s affectionate, smart and outwardly well-behaved. She’s not a barker, biter or jumper. What’s more, this is a dog who seemed to know nothing of sitting, fetching or loose-leash-walking five days ago, who has now mastered all of the above and then some. Heck, the girl had her name down in the first fifteen minutes. Her gift for putting things together astounds me.

She’s whipped us all into shape, herding the kids off to bed or baths and she keeps me fit with sixty-minute home-disaster-recovery-sessions every afternoon. She’s even reached a respectful truce with the cat.

But the girl is just so wily. Her paperwork says part Lab, part Husky. But I watch her… and I think part coyote. I see how she waits until the instant I leave the room to jump on the dining room table. I appreciate the timing and skill it takes to pluck ornaments off the tree without getting caught. Such a clever girl…

The dog has already cost me triple her adoption fee in household damage. Add to that the lifetime supply of dog toys I bought last night to entertain her. But love makes you do crazy things, I guess.


  1. I feel your pain. We have a 3/4 Bengal cat who daily drives home the fact that we live in our house at her whim. And she knows how to push our buttons. Good luck with your new housemate.


    1. Ain’t that the truth, they do run the house. Bengals are beautiful, glad she puts up with you 😉


  2. Kim

    I love how you tell this story, and all the others in your blog. You are a gifted writer. Keep it up – I love to read of your adventures. Hope you are all well – kim


    1. Kim you are too kind, thank you.


  3. smhouk

    Woo wee! What an adventure! I think your Christmas will not be boring this year.


  4. Awwwwww…’s all so worth it! 🙂



  5. gene3067

    Coming in as someone who has a jumpy,kissy Yellow Lab; I feel you pain and joy. Mine thinks she’s a lap dog when I’m on the computer. As for the Christmas tree… I’m more concerned about our new cat, Buster. Carol aptly named him.


    1. Christmas trees must have an irresistible appeal. Hope yours makes it through the season intact!

      Emma nailed the lights again, so we are having an ornament-free top-lit-only tree this year.


  6. […] I know I complained when mine ate the Christmas ornaments two years ago and then followed up with the shit/chew combo on my son’s mattress. But she never […]


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