Her Porch Swing

My first foray into the Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Rochelle for the story, photo and opportunity to write this. (Better late than never.)

This is a writing challenge which asks that we produce a piece of  fiction in 100 words from the photo prompt given. If you’d like to contribute to this challenge, just follow the link through Rochelle’s blog to read the instructions and copy the photo.


Courtesy Rochelle and her Friday Fictioneers

Her Porch Swing

When she was just a girl, that porch swing swung all summer.

And as a debutante, the men had leaned upon the rail, their hats in hand, for just a chance to swing with her. But none of them was perfect, so she’d waited.

Later men would saunter by: tip their hats from salt and pepper heads and say, “Good day.” But all of them were married, so she’d waited.

But then that seat got broke and then that chain got rusted, and when they just came by in hearses, well–she took that porch swing down.


  1. Love this. Very Faulknerian,

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  2. Guess she waited until she and the porch swing were too old. I really like how you used the porch swing to describe her, her beaus, and well, the porch swing. I enjoyed reading this.

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    1. Oh thank you kindly!

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  3. Dear Karen,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. A full life in a hundred words. Did you mean to say “got broke” as opposed to “got broken” or just “broke?”

    Hope to read more from you.



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    1. Thanks for the welcome! I guess I liked the sound of broke but I admit it’s wrong 🙂

      So glad I found this. Next round I’ll have more time to enjoy all the talented writers here.


    2. Sorry about the cryptic “She did” reply. That’s what happens when a half-blind woman attempts to use WordPress on her phone during an intermission at a middle school band concert!


  4. Don’t wait for perfection or you’ll end up lonely…Good story.
    And actually I like the seat got broke.(Rules are for breaking as well as swings.)
    By the way, welcome to Friday Fiction (like one of those long Friday drinking sessions – starts Wednesday and goes right through, all week all time zones!)

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    1. You were the one who inspired me. Love your stories. Thanks MJ!


  5. I like your sense of humor. I like your take on men. I bet you’re really a great mom and interesting person. Glad I fond this blog amoung the millions of them out there.

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    1. Very kind of you. Glad you came by so I could find your blog


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