The Door

PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato

PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato

First, he’d locked it, but that was not enough. Then he’d nailed on the two-by-fours.

“What’s out there?” Julio asked, peering through the gaps.

“Nothing. Help me move that desk over. In front.”

Julio laughed. “There’s nothing out there but a two-story drop. Whachoo afraid of? You think something’s going to get in?”

“No. No.” That wasn’t it at all. That was crazy. Nothing could get up there—not unless flying alligators started prowling this city. Besides, he had no fear of what might get in.

It was what might get out that concerned him.

This has been another edition of the fabulous Friday Fictioneers, hosted by The gracious Rochelle. This weeks photo courtesy Lauren Moscato.

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  1. Is Julio perhaps not all he seems? Nice take on the prompt, Karen.

    1. Thanks Sandra. I wrote it thinking one thing but now that I’ve finished, I’ve realized all sorts of scenarios. I’ve decided I don’t trust either of them.

  2. micklively

    I can’t explain why I like this one, but I do.

  3. Nice one…leaving a lot to the imagination of the readers..

  4. Like the turnaround at the end i.e. inside is the problem, not outside. Neatly done.

  5. Superb look into a deranged mind. Well done.

    1. Hey wait, Are you saying that’s deranged? 😉

  6. It’s like he has two personalities, and one isn’t very nice. Such a provocative door. A stunt door almost because unless you were nuts, you’d never use it. 🙂

    1. Ooooh I like that interpretation. That really works.

      1. It was a wonderful take on that door.

  7. Very interesting! He is either afraid of himself or of Julio. I would really like to know which one. 🙂

  8. Kind opf makes my skin crawl – in a good way – ’cause now I’m wondering what’s inside.

    1. Oops “of” not “opf” – sometimes those fingers do fly…..

  9. I loved the darkness 🙂

  10. I see something bad happening to Julio. A huge, massive, glitter bomb!

    1. Gene you’re freaking me out! Right after I saw this, I looked down and saw my shirt was inexplicably covered with glitter. How’d you do that?! Glitter bomb, too funny 🙂

  11. Leaves you wanting more. Great story by a great writer!!!

  12. Good stuff! Creepy, clever & enticing.

  13. That’s quite creepy. I wonder which of them is the “dangerous” one (or both). Or maybe he’s just paranoid. I get the feeling this isn’t going to end well.

  14. good one. it always warms my heart reading about someone caring for another’s safety and well-being. or is it just my imagination?

  15. Oooh, creepy. Should we be concerned for Julio, or the narrator? Great story!

  16. Might Julio be a compulsive jumper?

    1. Ah ha! That is what I thought when I wrote it 🙂

  17. Ohhh creepy. I loved it. I got the feeling he was trying to trap Julio in there. But then I read PJ’s comment and can see how he might be trying to trap himself inside. Mysterious!

  18. Well, it would make a good alternate werewolf-defense. (Instead of “it’s a full moon, chain me up.”)

    1. I like that interpretation!

  19. Dee

    Ooooh I like the mystery in this, could go any way. Great use of the prompt, well done.

  20. Francesca Smith

    A very intriguing tale! Will you be continuing with this?

  21. Our son was bad to sleep-walk around age 10. Once or twice he actually unlocked the front door and went outside. It kept his mother on edge–and when she doesn’t sleep . . . neither do I.

  22. So many possibilities! He’s a mysterious character – his panic comes through very strongly.

  23. Clever twist. I loved it!

  24. This left me wanting more!

  25. Oooh, Julio is in for a shock! Very well written

  26. Dear Karen,

    I’m left with the image of flying alligators and am wondering what’s inside that shouldn’t be let out.
    Nicely done.



    1. Thanks Rochelle! Loved this prompt, saw so many amazing wonderful responses. Beware flying alligators. Karen

  27. Hmm, very intriguing. I like the unknown.

  28. last line says everything

  29. Dear Karen,

    Is he too self aware for his own good? I liked this story for the dialog and the parallels with the functioning of the human psyche. Wheels within wheels in this one. Well done.



    1. I’m still not sure what is going on with this one 😉 Thanks for your kind words!

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