Sweet Justice – A Sunday Photo Fiction Prompt


Joe first saw the Saab just east of Des Moines, when it nearly clipped an old Chevy by darting past a busfull of Baptists.

And there it was again, outside of Iowa City. Top down: the woman jabbering on her mobile as she roared on the on ramp, blaring her horn at a shimmying Winnebago.

Around DeKalb, the black convertible had slowed to a crawl. The woman never even paused to look up from her texting as Joe passed her.

Not long after, she was on his tail, laying on the horn before leapfrogging across four lanes of traffic.

Three hundred miles of these antics, her always in a hurry and then inexplicably behind him again, weaving around as if the lane lines were only suggestions.

And so, when he saw her parked at the lakefront bar, he could hardly believe his luck.

Joe nestled his rig inches from the driver door. He chuckled as he got out and admired his parking job. She’d never get into her car, let alone extract it from that spot.

He stretched widely. There’d be no sleeping in the rig for him tonight. No, tonight he’d get himself a nice hotel.

196 words.

This has been a selection for Alistair Forbes’s Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge–where participants are encouraged to contribute 100-200 word flash fiction based on the prompt. To read more or to submit your own, click the blue froggy button.


  1. I really enjoyed this one, made me smile a lot 🙂

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  2. What’s the betting she still inexplicably finds a way to drive off before morning? Great story!

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    1. That would not surprise me!


  3. ‘A Busfull of Baptists’… I love it!!! Clever story… l like the last line.

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  4. Gonna need three tow trucks for this!

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    1. Haha, or maybe a crane!


  5. Entertaining and slightly breathless tale.

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  6. Really well done. Bravo.

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  7. Great story and I loved this line, “Three hundred miles of these antics, her always in a hurry and then inexplicably behind him again, weaving around as if the lane lines were only suggestions.” Loved the ending! Sweet sweet revenge. 😀

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  8. Well done — and great vicarious revenge for all of us who have dealt with some incarnation of that driver before!

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  9. Jenn

    Wouldn’t we all love to do this! Great light-hearted story

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  10. Pay back is sweet…oh! I mean h _ _ _! For her anyway. Paying for a nice hotel room…instead of a free semi-truck room….who’s winning this war? But, comfort can mean everything! Love your story. 🙂

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    1. You have a point. Bigger irony would be if she was a hotel exec. Thanks for reading!


  11. Oh how we always want to see something similar happen to people like this. Great story. Enjoyed it.

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  12. Let’s hope the trucker doesn’t wake to find himself parked in by a Baptist Bus.

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    1. HA! That’s a great twist.


  13. Poetic justice? Well rigged. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my mash-up. I started the series with the three prompts so I thought it only fair to continue in the same manner. All the prompts help to tell the story so I am always surprised with how the story unfolds.

    Cheers. ~Jules

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  14. Serves her right!


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  15. Good story. If you play with big things you have to expect big problems too!

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