Some People Never Come Back

rusty canoe on a sunny day on a northern lake

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast


How Aaron and Scott had mocked the old outfitter as they left the store—called him Grizzly Adams and fell into fits of laughter while admiring their new boots and studying the map.

It was Minnesota: land of shopping malls and Vikings football. It was July, for God’s sake. What could possibly go wrong?

Scott was gone now. There was no one to laugh with—not that Aaron would.

The gear was long lost: the canoe, compass, the matches. Even the Bowie knife and the new boots.

And Aaron was finally realizing: the old man was right.

Another edition of the Friday Fiectioneers. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting, and Jennifer Pendergast for the marvelous photo!










  1. That’ll teach him to respect his elders!

  2. Funny how that works, finding out our elders are very wise after all! Great story!

  3. And do I hear those dueling banjos somewhere in the background? … do I?

    1. Oh boy, it could go that way. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Who’s laughing now? Arrogance will get you killed.

    Typo the=they left the store

    1. Thanks for the catch and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Always better to listen to the experts, but I guess some people have to live it to learn it.

  6. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing… They should have known that.

  7. The voice of experience is all too often right. I’d say “Live and learn”, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.


  8. Sneaky old guy, tricking his victims like that… ::chortle::

  9. Looks like a lot went wrong.


  10. I guess his time was up …..

  11. Hubris in the face of nature? But maybe the Blair Witch has an aquatic cousin. Moral of the story is listen to the crazy old man. It might save your life.

  12. Whoa, that fell apart quickly!
    Love how you took us from complacency to disaster in one easy step.

  13. Oh the arrogance of the young. How tragic. I hope he gets out of there. Good story.

  14. Good tale. An example of youth knowing it all. I guess they found out the hard way.

  15. Dale

    They never listen, do they? Heaven forbid they take any advice… good story!

  16. A little fear and a little less arrogance might have saved Scott if not the new boots ….Well crafted tale.

  17. Never underestimate the “wilds”. I wonder how many “city slickers” make the same mistake?

  18. That’s clever as well as being a good read. Well done.

  19. Dee

    Some people always have to learn the hard way…if they survive that is! Well done.

  20. What could possibly go wrong, indeed. When the locals tell you not to climb that mountain today, or not swim in that spot, you better listen. Great story, pulls you right in.

  21. lesson learned but it was a little too late.

  22. If TV and Movies have taught me nothing else, it is to always listen to wizened old locals. Oh, and to never ever leave the house.
    Nice work.

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