Do the right thing

PHOTO PROMPT – © Marie Gail Stratford

PHOTO PROMPT – © Marie Gail Stratford

In the margins of a college-ruled composition book, Bryn calculated the odds whether she’d get caught. People always got caught—or that was what they wanted you to think. But when it got right down to it, you only ever heard about the ones who got caught. Cause if you didn’t, you didn’t exactly walk around bragging Hey dude I hacked into Bloomberg Bank and transferred 500 million dollars into a dummy donor account that funneled the money to charities around the world.

I mean you’d want to brag, but…

The good deed was enough. She reached for the mouse.

This has been an edition of the fabulous Friday Fictioneers brought to you by the generous and talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo prompt courtesy Marie Gail Stratford

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  1. Fabulous. Reminds me a bit of the heroine of your excellent novel.

    1. It is a little lifted. The sort of thing my characters love to do. And this one has a pretty altruistic motive. Thanks J. Hardy

  2. Dear Karen,

    A calculating female indeed. Well written story that says a lot in a few words. Good job.



    1. Thank you kindly Rochelle!

  3. micklively

    “you only ever heard about the ones who got caught” I wonder how many spurious statistical analyses fail to take account of this.
    Good piece.

    1. lol, no kidding. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Great writing, not sure I’d risk it!

  5. Great character, I like her. If only… but we’ll never know, will we?

    1. Only if she gets caught I guess. Thanks for reading!

  6. Hacking for a good cause! Great little twist.

  7. Altruistic hacker! Why not? Nice take on the prompt.

  8. Excellent use of a chevron mouse! Great response to the prompt.

  9. She’s a smart cookie. Long may she hack.

  10. Lol. Liked this one. Made me chuckle 🙂

  11. Really enjoyable. It seems our minds went in similar directions with this prompt.

  12. I like this Byrn a lot! Nice story and well written.

  13. Dale

    The Robin Hood of the Internet! 😉

  14. Sounds a little like Lisbeth Salander… 🙂

    1. I have yet to read it but sounds like my kind of protagonist 🙂

  15. Great job…but your right she probably shouldn’t brag. I am laughing out loud right now because what everyone else knew was a mouse I thought was one of those Zoomba vacuum cleaners. This is what comes from having no depth perception.

    1. Oh seriously?! I had no idea. That is funny!

  16. Leave no mouse tracks behind, and you’re good. 🙂

  17. the mouse that roared….
    I like it.

  18. Such a cute story and well written! I really did love it too! Nan

  19. The ends justify the means, I guess. Wonderful story.

  20. a little female Robin Hood….

  21. Quite the anti-hero (I was going to say Robin Hood but I see many others got there first!).
    A good point about only hearing about the ones who get caught. Great story!

  22. Oops, uh oh. Your secret is safe with us. I think. 😉

    1. Lol thanks Tracey!

  23. My modern day robin hood hero!

  24. If she gets found out, she can say ‘the mouse did it’ 🙂 Loved the heroine.

  25. A great story. A likeable villain who’d worked out the odds.

  26. Dee

    Excellent take Karen. Like the twist where she gives the money to charity, nicely done.

  27. Now maybe that’s why there is no female version of Robin Hood – he robbed from the rich to give to the poor, then bragged about it…
    Raises lots of interesting issues!

    1. Maid Marian never bragged, which is why to this day, no one knows she was the real heroine 😉

  28. I hope she doesn’t get caught.

  29. Wow, a female Robin Hood. Great story idea. Well done, Karen. 🙂 — Suzanne

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