Last Thanksgiving

Sunday Photo Fiction prompt

Sunday Photo Fiction prompt

The rain had pinned the last of October’s skittering leaves to the curb, where they lay rotting.

Last year she was soccer mom, wearing a rut in the road from Daisytowne to Oak Park.

Last year, Thanksgiving was a bother, tacked on the end of the choral follies, with Steve’s mom staying for more than a week. Last year she was putting away Em’s princess costume and stewing because no manufacturer could actually make a coat to last a kid from one winter to the next. Last year, she was making apple pies for the fundraiser, swatting at the powder of flour on Emily’s nose, saying things that started with when you grow up.

Last year– —

she had had Thanksgiving but was not grateful.

This year, there would be neither.

This has been flash fiction inspired by Al Forbes’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt. To read more or submit your own, click the blue froggy button:


  1. A very effective last line . . . Tears!

  2. So much sad emotion conveyed here, and a good reminder to appreciate what we have now, because you never know.

  3. Bring back thanksgiving! **tears

  4. Heartbreaking and excellent.

  5. A moving story, and shows that we should be grateful for what we have as it may be gone in seconds.

  6. Very sad. A reminder to be thankful for what we have.

  7. A dramatic twist that brings home what we take for granted.

  8. The wolf is always at the door. If only we could remember to remember.

  9. A great portrait of the relationship between mother and children.

  10. Does the second paragraph imply a road accident?

    1. That’s a good hunch. I wasn’t sure what the tragedy was, but that idea has merit. Thanks Paul

  11. If only we could always remember to be thankful for what we have at any given time but life gets buys and we forget until something makes us remember. Great story

  12. Such a sad story. I have a feeling she lost her child.

  13. I missed this when you wrote it.
    I am glad I found it now.
    It is a terrific piece of writing.

    1. How very kind! You made my day 🙂

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