The Last Time

Sunday Photo Fiction prompt

Sunday Photo Fiction prompt

Chloe was always doing that—changing plans last minute and expecting him to drop everything. He tossed the mobile onto the console. He had a job. He had deliveries. He still had to get from Ocean Gate to Fareham. Good thing he knew a shortcut down Wickham Road and could bypass the road-works.

Past Fontley Road, his mobile chimed once more: Can you meet me at Europa? Which was out of the question. He’d been in the lorry for six hours straight and she meant for him to drive all the way out to Avon?

He snatched up his mobile and scrawled the answer with one thumb: Why do u always

That’s when he saw the push-bike. And felt the sickening thud.

This has been an edition of Sunday Photo Fiction brought to us by Al Forbes.  To read more flash fiction or to submit your own, click the blue froggy button:

Author’s note: I recognized generally where this was and wanted to give the proper dose of setting and scene via the appropriate vernacular. But, being American, I’m afraid I overshot in some respects and failed miserably in others. So I think they only thing that could fix this is an all-expense paid trip to Exeter and Portsmouth. Which I am willing to do. In the name of literature and improving my craft. 😉


  1. I think you did very well with it, the offhand use of mobile and lorry in particular.
    I do wonder if the driver spent a fortnight in the gaol.

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    1. Yer bloody right.


  2. Nice story nicely done:) I hope the other guy survived.

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  3. Great message. If only this were truly fiction. Nice job!

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  4. Never text while driving! I hope the person on the pushbike was okay 🙂

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  5. mandibelle16

    I guess this is why we have laws against distracted driving here. Hope the person on the push-bike wasn’t injured seriously. Well written.

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  6. No texting and driving. Powerful story!

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  7. Powerful message told very well!

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  8. Excellent message. He should not have replied and the person on the other end should have left it for a while until they knew he was no longer driving.

    Very well done.

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  9. Texting is never a good thing! This story is way too true!

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