cityscape with tall buildings

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

“Congratulations Boomer.”

Boomer was the name he’d picked up in the mailroom back when he’d started. He stared at the glass door where they’d etched his name just that morning. There was no limit to where he could go from here, given his rocket ride to CTO.

“At the rate he’s going, he’ll be running the whole company by 2020.” Daleen held up a glass and the dozens of well-wishers crowded into his new office cheered.

He had good friends.

Which was what made it so hard to do what he had to do next.

This has been an edition of the Friday Fictioneers, a weekly 100-word photo prompt hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. To read more flash fiction or to submit your own story, click the blue froggy button.


  1. Well named! Boom. You’re fired. Great story.

  2. There is always a price to pay…Nicely done!

  3. It’s tough at the top. Nicely done.

  4. Dear Karen,

    Executive decision? Ouch. Well done.



  5. He should have stayed in the mail room, mailed his anger, it’s safer.

  6. It’s often hard to make those cooperate decisions.

  7. Ohhhhh, BOY! Convoy took a hit on that one … as the rest will in their positions. Concise and to the point. Great job, Karen! Knocked me for a loop.

  8. Dale

    Never easy at the top… Rare to have many friends once attained…

  9. I like the way you leave the ending hanging here. Good work.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  10. Graham Lawrence

    What a fabulous open ended and thought provoking ending. Love it.

  11. mickwynn2013

    Great ending, great build up too

  12. IfeomaO

    Perfectly built up. Happy ending depending on how you look at it 🙂 nicely done.

  13. Very well crafted, that ending really packed a punch

  14. Oh, dear. So the promotion was given with a mandate for layoffs…. An effective ending, paired with the story title.

  15. Oh dear, do I see imminent redundancies? I wouldn’t want a job like that.

  16. Oh, you made me want to read more. Great write.

  17. Oh boy! I hope he gives them good severance.

  18. The detonator is presed. The sleeper goes into action.

  19. Ouch! I guess he won’t have many friends left after that. Great story, really hits where it hurts.

  20. Loved the last line 🙂

  21. i guess he’d sell the company.

  22. peterkirsch

    Damn, girl. Could hear a pin drop.
    Stellar job, as always.

  23. Oh no…he has to fire someone, doesn’t he? Good job!

  24. Excellent set up and surprise ending. He’s acquired the requisite skills for his job, it seems.

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