Last Night was the Last

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

The wretched pounding in his head had gone on for what seemed like hours before he realized it was outside his parlor as well as in. What time was it, anyway? He opened a bleary eye to see last night’s Cateau Mouton inexplicably aslant in the glass on his bedside table.

“Mr. Alderschoff. Mr. Alderschoff, are you in there?”

Mr. Alderschoff closed his eyes and reassembled the evening in his mind.  What had started as manhattans in the Smoking Lounge had turned into a dozen or more bottles of wine. And then, champagne.

He’d made it to dinner, but midway through the roast squab, he’d had to excuse himself. With an ungainly hiccup, he’d plucked his wineglass by the stem. “If you ladies please…” He broke off. He’d intend to suggest he was off to the smoking parlor for a fine cigar, but the velocity of the spinning dining room was threatening to bring up the first three courses of the ten-course meal.  Then, the blur of falling on the grand staircase and staggering into Mrs. Brown in the hall outside his state room.

Enough with the liquor and nonsense, he decided. Last night was the last time he’d do that.

His eyes shot open at the shout that accompanied the next knock: “Mr. Alderschoff, we’ve hit an iceberg!”

This has been an edition of Sunday Photo Fiction prompt, hosted by Al Forbes. To read more flash fiction based on the prompt, or to submit your own, click the blue froggy button:



  1. I’m sure he changed his mind that afternoon, once he started feeling the spiders crawling over his skin and seeing the snakes crawling across the sheets. Well done!

    1. Unfortunately for him, he won’t get the chance.

  2. Jesse Raven

    Great piece! Nice unraveling of his evening throughout 🙂

  3. I am guessing that that will be the last time he will ever do that! Very well written 🙂

  4. Depending on which ship he’s on, he might not have the choice about never getting to drink that much again. At least the iceberg explained the slanting glass!

  5. I almost went in a Titanic direction myself. Good one.

  6. Nice twist on the end. He definitely won’t be doing that again

  7. lillmcgill

    Great story. I really enjoyed this one! The end surprised me.

  8. Possibly the first time someone’s vowed never to drink again and actually didn’t (poor chap).

  9. Clever, funny and well-written.
    No more to be said.

  10. An excellent read and the ending was the iceberg on the cake!

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings

  11. Well, at least his hangover won’t be his worst problem now. And I suspect that’s he’s right. This will be the last time he over indulges. Excellent piece, Karen.

  12. Lyn

    LOL always good to have something to take your mind off a headache 🙂

  13. Great ending twist, Karen. No wonder the drink was slanting. Good descriptions. Well written. —- Suzanne

  14. Loved the twist!

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