Here be Treasure

Thanks to Piya Singh for this week’s photo prompt.

Thanks to Piya Singh for this week’s photo prompt.


Dwarves. I not be talking the human-born sort that find their way to a hearth and home from time to time. No, I speak of the legendary kind, with antlers and dew claws. The kind they haven’t had in these parts since the Daisy Age.

But the earthen cups, the wooden platters, the bubbling grobpot over the fire told a different story. I lifted a cup, still warm from morning break, tipped it to my face and breathed. Tamsen and jiminy-root. These were Gilded Dwarves. “Men,” I say to the ones inside. “Out to the woods. Find cover and wait.”

This has been an edition of the fabulous Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, this week’s photo courtesy Piya Singh. To read more flash fiction or to submit your own, click the blue froggy button:

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  1. Excellent rhythm and language. Love this piece.

  2. Wow! You took us into a whole new world in just 100 words. Love the invented vocabulary – jiminy-root, Daisy Age – lovely, lyrical stuff. A great story

  3. This is like a whole new fairy tale world opening here … somehow it got me thinking of Terry Pratchett …

    1. Oh interesting. I’m not familiar, I will have to check him out. Thanks Bjorn!

  4. Beware the gilded dwarves! Wow, fascinating piece. Would be interested to know if you have more of this.

    1. Thank you Paul–I’m glad you liked it! I don’t generally write fantasy (and by generally I mean don’t at all) so this one surprised me.

  5. I felt I was there. I want to know what else happens, too! Nicely done! I’ll bet they are hiding as garden nomes in plain sight. 😉

  6. michael1148humphris

    Are gilded dwarves valuable, because I am waiting for your next instalment.

    1. 🙂 That’s a good question. I’m wondering if they’ve got the Midas-touch.

  7. Fascinating beginning of a story. I would like to read more.

  8. Wonderfully legend-like feel to this! The language and cadence are enchanting.

  9. So evocative! Well done.

  10. I like the sound of the Daisy Age! Lovely magical piece.

  11. Great stuff!
    I love an ambush!

  12. Ok, you whet my appetite. Now I’m going to pull an Oliver Twist. “Please sir, I want some more.” 🙂 (Of course, substitute “ma’am, miss or Ms. for “sir” as it is appropriate. I must obey the niceties of my request.)

    Fun stuff, Karen.

  13. Tamsin and jiminy root – bring it on. Lovely piece of whimsy.

  14. mickwynn2013

    Very evocative with great language. I’d like to know what the contents of the grobpot taste like

    1. I’m betting it’s an acquired taste. Thanks for reading!

  15. I loved this one, Karen. Great job of world-building. You left us thirsting for more.

  16. Fantastic! You really should keep going with this! Incredible potential!

  17. Dear Karen,

    Gilded Dwarves? Sounds pretty fascinating. The narrator’s voice sets the tone and the stage. Well done.



  18. Loved this. Just enchanting.

  19. I love it (and realize I’m parotting everyone else here 🙂 ) This reads like an old saga from far away.

  20. Good story, Karen. It had a mythic quality to it. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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