A Man, a Deer, and a Hairpin Turn in the Road


It’s not every day we have a chance to reinvent ourselves.

He jumped, as if the words had been spoken aloud, but there was no one. And nothing—nothing except the sharp curl of road, the overturned convertible and smoke belching out from the undercarriage in larger and larger clouds. How had he survived? He checked himself once more: a gash on his knee and a cut on his ear from when he’d flown free from the car. But aside from that, he was fine.

He studied the vast empty valley in all directions and realized no one would be by for hours. And damn, his car. No insurance, three payments behind. And then there was the matter of the forty-minute daily drive to the only job in three counties that would hire him. He was so fired.

And Sheila. What was that always she said? If you ever drink a drop and lay a hand on that wheel, don’t bother ever coming home.

The gas tank made an ominous thunk. He thought of the struggle of holding this wreckage of a life together. He could do so much better.

He should.

He turned, and started walking–off the road, and into the wild unknown.

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  1. Great story. I was thinking about how many people do this. Air crashes, 9/11, the works.

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  2. I can imagine with all that going on he might feel the urge to start afresh. Nice story!

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  3. Sometimes life becomes the result of a whole series of bad decisions.

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  4. lillmcgill

    Very interesting story. He has thrown it all away. Might as well strike out for the unknown.

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  5. peterkirsch

    Fantastic imagery. I’m not sure if I like him or not, but I identify. Feel a little bad for Sheila…but she’ll be better off.

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  6. Very well-written with some great word choices.

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  7. Great story with a great ending, slightly hopeful and very meaningful.

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  8. Jesse Raven

    What a wake-up call –

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  9. He’s made a lot of bad mistakes and now seems to have made another one. He should have stuck to the road. This guy repeatedly shoots himself in the foot in a way. Well written, Karen. This would make a great hook for a longer story. —- Suzanne

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