Positive thinking

Positive thinking is taking that moment when it’s its 3:45 am, and the dog is pacing in the hall and thinking:

Whee! I have lots of time to write today

instead of thinking

Shit. Another day: short of sleep, with only a tiny fragment of time to chase the dream, and then it’s off to work–then bills–then laundry–and the evening gauntlet of activities; only to be followed winter, and growing old, and finally death.

And then I remember: donuts!


  1. lillmcgill

    for being “positive thinking” this seems a teeny bit s a d. I am so glad there are donuts.

    Maybe I should bring you some donuts?

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    1. I like the creme-filled kind best 😉


  2. …or bacon. Oh, and those biscuits that taste and smell like cornbread and…

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    1. Yes! I her you 🙂

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