In Real Life

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction


The first thing he noticed was the cold.


The last thing he remembered was Ashlee. She was every bit the beauty her profile pic had suggested, with a banner of sienna hair pulled to one side and gamine features that put him in mind of the sprites in his Elfscape game.

He watched her scan the lobby, his heart poised to pounce out of his chest. Would she see him? And if she did, would she turn around and leave?

Just then, her eyes lit upon him and a perfect smile broke free from her croissant lips. She started for him, her long legs mirrored against the marble floor as she walked. With her came the scent of jasmine and the smell of something different. Something clean.

He held out a hand to shake hers—not knowing if that’s what one did on these things—if that was the customary greeting when people finally met in real life.

She warmly clasped his hand and brought her other hand around to cup his forearm. She tilted up and breathed into his ear: “Shall we have a drink first?”


He woke up Sunday, in a bathtub of ice.

This has been an edition of Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by Al Forbes. To read more flash fiction or to submit your own, click the blue froggy button.

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  1. Ha! In my story the man does not wake up, since all his organs are missing! Well done!

    1. Oh no, guess all they wanted from my guy was the kidney. It’s the Urban Legend Hotel, apparently.

  2. Online dating – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is! Nice take.

    1. Probably is too good to be true. Thanks for reading Iain 🙂

    2. Similar to how my online dating experiences have gone lol

      1. Oh dear, some good stories to tell from that

  3. Well, that date didn’t go too well! Great little story even if it did have a chilling end!

    Click to visit Keith’s Ramblings!

    1. ‘Chilling end’, hehe. Very funny! Thanks for reading, Keith.

  4. Woah! Didn’t see that coming! A great twist!

  5. Graham Lawrence

    Lovely unexpected twist. Another twisted date in a long list of them. Well done.

  6. Well, that escalated quickly. If someone seems too good to be true, they probably are.

  7. I guess that cooled his ardour, hmm.
    Neat tale, nicely done.

  8. Oops. Bye bye kidneys! Nice story 🙂

  9. Whoops. Seems he got more than the cold shoulder. He should have had a drink from a bottle with a “no additives” stopper

  10. Some happy endings here.

  11. Killer ending, I wasn’t expecting that. It seemed like a good match, but I guess you have to be so careful with who you meet online. Always need a plan B as he didn’t have and ended up losing a kidney I presume. Chilling and interesting write.

    1. Thanks for reading Mandibelle. Got to beware the kidney thieves when you’re online dating I guess!

  12. Beware of croissant lips I’d say!
    Chilling tale of date gone bad. Good one!

  13. peterkirsch

    No. No no no no, nonononono…no.

    What on earth has happened to that devious mind of yours?

    Stop it, you’re scaring me.

    Ok don’t.


    1. Yeah, I’ve been a little murdery lately. Maybe I need to quit the YA Conteporary and write some horror 😉

  14. OMG – what organ(s) did he lose? If memory serves, the Las Vegas urban legend stole the kidney….based on his reaction to seeing her – romantically it would be his heart however one does not wake up from a literal stolen heart!

    1. Lost his heart… I like that. I guess he lost two organs, then.

  15. Date gone bad, really bad! Loved the chilly twist!


    1. That’s as bad as it gets, isn’t it? Thanks for reading and commenting.

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