Think of all the Time We’ll Have to Write

Pitcairn Islands

“Think of all the time we’ll have to write,” you said.

We’d done the math. Between us, we figured we could live three years, maybe four: cover the rent on the cottage in Adamstown, plus any taxes, and of course, the food.

When the first cargo ship arrived from New Zealand, we’d laughed as we hauled the ridiculous quantities back home in the golf cart: ten pounds of rice, twelve pounds of beans, and of course the coffee.

The coffee ran out first. The garden washed away in a February monsoon, and nothing grew in the endless blistering drought that followed.

“Next ship will be here in eighteen days,” you said.

That is what you said about the April ship. And the July.

This time, I don’t answer. I just look at your haunch and think—and not for the first time—that it is very meaty. Very meaty indeed.

150 words

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw. To read more stories inspired by the prompt or to submit your own, click here.

Apologies to my hubby J Hardy Carroll. I was inspired by my desire for more writing time, and this article:  Why nobody will move to Pitcairn the Pacific Island with Free Land.


  1. Long John Silver–The REAL Story. Well done!

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    1. It’s a little scary how quickly my mind went to cannibalism. Thanks for reading.

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      1. Forgive me for following in your footsteps. I shouldn’t have read your story before writing mine. Pitcairn just begs for an odd story, doesn’t it? And what’s odder than cannibalism? (Lots, probably.)

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  2. Before your narrator crosses a serious line, maybe s/he should investigate where the partner’s secret stash of supplies is – s/he has got to be keeping that haunch meaty somehow. Getting rid of the leftovers would probably be easy though. Good story and an imaginative take on the prompt.

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  3. Run! This is a great take on Pitcairn. Almost as crazy as what might have happened to Bligh and his crew. (And how mean to have the coffee run out first!)

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  4. jellico84

    Hehehee… I hear human is kinda tasty, especially after a period of starvation (ref: “Silence of the Lambs”). Hehe..

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    1. Do you suppose we taste like chicken? 😉 Thanks for reading.

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      1. jellico84

        I wouldn’t doubt it in the least…heheeh!


  5. Um, yikes! There’s something to be said for living within driving distance of a grocery store.

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    1. For sure, you would never take it for granted again!


  6. Dear Karen,

    An ill-fated move. I both cringed and laughed out loud at your last line. Well done as always.



    PS I finally posted one. 😉 And I’m sure Josh appreciated my comment on your story on his page. Too many open windows.

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    1. Ha thanks for reading! He probably appreciates the misplaced comment more than the fact I fictionalized cannibalizing him. He’s probably pretty nervous about that one.

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  7. peterkirsch

    Hehehehehe…we’re all meat-eaters at heart.

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    1. hahah, perfect comment! Thanks for reading.


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