13 Lennéstraße, Berlin

‘Stratos Kitchen Showroom’ my bum. Have you ever once witnessed a single person going in or out of there? Sure there are kitchen displays on the storefront, but did you look up? Every single window clad in black. Tell me that’s not dodgy.

Google your maps and you’ll see. Place fuzzed out the way governments put Google to blurry out their air bases. Look, I know those Germans are nutters for privacy. But this is a public place—a kitchen showroom. You get me? You’d think they’d want a fellow to know the place—to be able to find it. Place is never open either. Think about it. It’s a fiver from Tempelhofer Feld—and every chap knows what that place is about. Anyway, my point is, if you’re thinking about moving to Berlin, you’ve lost the plot, man. You’re begging for those Americans to run their mind control on you.

150 words

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw. To read more stories inspired by the prompt or to submit your own, click here.

About this story–yes, I’ve completely lost it. I started wandering the streets of Berlin and it didn’t take long to run into one of these crazy blurred out locations (actually there is a spot of one in the photo on the prompt). But of course my Go-To when I see something unexplained is to imagine all sorts of conspiracies. Turns out the explanation is much more simple: the Germans are crazy for privacy.  It also turns out there’s a town of 300,000 people in Germany that may or may not exist, and that Angela Merkel may or may not be a lizard person. Also, rather obviously, that my British dialect is rather dodgy. Oh well, it was fun going there.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Dear Karen,

    A story and tour shrouded in both mystery and humor. Fun stuff.



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    1. I think I fell down the rabbit hole. But you fell down a tunnel and came out on the other side! Thanks for reading.


  2. Black sites? In the former DDR? Surely you jest!

    Seriously, though, I noticed the same thing. Google and Facebook have accomplished what the NSA could only fantasize about!

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    1. Now that is sad and scary, but true.

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  3. Oh, I love your take on the prompt. I hadn’t noticed the fuzzed-out buildings. Does make one wonder.

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  4. Aliens! 😉

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  5. Black humour i detect here. Good story K.

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