Women of Courage

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Go to any mainstream movie these days and you’ll likely sit through a half-dozen movie trailers featuring all sorts of male superheroes kicking ass and keeping the world safe for…well for whatever it is we have these days. However, it wasn’t until my daughter and I went to Wonder Woman earlier this year that it hit me how rare it is to see women in these roles. I mean I always knew it was that way. But it wasn’t until I witnessed it with my daughter beside me that I thought about how much that sucked. And how empowering it was to see these portrayals, and to read about real-life heroines.

And so, I’d like to honor all the real and fictional heroines who inspire me by sharing their stories with you. In the coming weeks, look for tributes to Women of Courage, like the groundbreaking Oprah Winfrey, the badass Sarah Connor, and the woman who quite literally wrote the book on courage, Brene Brown. These women inspire me daily. I hope they inspire you too.

Is there some badass, brave, and wonderful woman that you’d like to see recognized? Let me know in the comments.


  1. The fictional women I write into my stories come from the real life inspirations a lifetime has given me. Eileen in SINK RATE, Grace and Christie in ROPE BREAK, and Christie returns in SIDE SLIP. Smart, funny and one step ahead of trouble. I have been lucky to have a feisty grandmother, several hard nosed aunts and a mom who carried more than her share of troubles to give me those inspirations.

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    1. I love it. Knowing your background I am now especially intrigued to read these!

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      1. Also wrote women into my two historical novels. Adds so much to the stories.

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  2. peterkirsch

    Helen Lemme!
    She was bright, beautiful, dedicated in a time that needed it, and, to you, local, having lived most of her life in Iowa City. She has an entry in Wikipedia.
    I attended the elementary school named in her honor and have always considered her one of the greatest unsung Iowa heroes.

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    1. Super! Added her to my list!


  3. peterkirsch

    Oh, and if you’ve not seen the Tarantino movie “Deathproof”, please do. My wife and I place it near the top of our “strong female characters” list.
    The second half is LOADED with powerful, daring, capable women and I just love how they come together in the end.

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    1. That sounds fabulous. I’m definitely up for that!


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