1. Feel as if I’m there- vivid sense of place.

  2. Great photography Karen. Really amazing shots 💕

  3. Great use of shadows in your photographs.

  4. peterkirsch

    Love the bridge shadow with your dog.
    Beautiful day, well-captured in the perfect setting.

    Such an odd year for weather.

    1. It is! Just never seems quite right.

      Love that you caught the dog in there. She is pathologically photo shy for reasons I’ll never understand, so I was a little pleased with myself that I caught a picture of her. Delighted you saw it.

  5. Lovely photos, it looks quite sleepy and peaceful 🙂

    When I saw the post in my inbox title “Iowa” I thought it might be Pegman – I was all set to write about two fools looking for Captain Kirk’s house 🙂

    1. Haha, of course! I can see why you would think Pegman. Captain Kirk will be born a mere 39 miles away from this spot… in a couple hundred years…

  6. Looks so much like rural Indiana around the same time. We might have snow – we do today – but, mostly, just like your pics.

    1. Thanks Scott. There is a stark beauty when the Midwest waits for snow!

  7. Nature at it’s finest🙂

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