My April 14 Story Contest News and Spring Complaint

Imminent Spring

Here in the Midwest we’re still getting blasted with late-season snow every other day, but green things are bursting from the ground anyway.

In writing news, I submitted a story for Short Fiction Break’s spring contest. It’s called In the Ring. It was inspired by a story I wrote back in February for Friday Fictioneers called The Contender. As any of the Fictioneers will tell you, sometimes the story is so much more than the 100-word limit will allow! That story haunted me, so I was glad for the opportunity to dig in.

Per the contest guidelines, the story is about what happens when a character winds up stuck between a bad choice and a worse choice. If you like it, Please vote it for a readers’ choice award. If you don’t like it, well then I hope you like J. Hardy Carroll’s story instead.

Happy Spring! Or, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, have a most wonderful autumn.



  1. Moon

    Hi Karen!
    Voted for you.
    All the best!🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, moon! Next I hope you try Pegman some week, I love your writing.


  2. Happy spring! Hope it arrives soon weather wise in your corner of the world 😀

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    1. It can’t happen soon enough! Hope it is spring-like where you are… 🙂


  3. peterkirsch

    So excellently crafted, KR. Great images. Great symbolism. The grease on her white shorts, a greater affront (almost) than what followed. Your language choices are just so masterful too. You know which ones are good; you wrote them.

    Meanwhile, would you mind penning a story sometime that involves a male who ISN’T a complete bucket of feces? I know there’s not a lot of evidence, but we’re not all terrible humans. Most, but not all.

    Sorry I forgot to comment on this one. I had meant to much earlier and it got away from me. This was terrific work, Karen. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely need to do a story like that. Thanks for reading this latest & thanks for your kind words!


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