The Jewel

Ghalun Bus Stop, Kangra Valley, India ©  Anil Kumar, Google Maps

“The bus is going to be here any minute.”

He was ignoring her. He scooted to the water’s edge, dropping to his knees to peer into the depths.

“You’re going to get your uniform dirty.”

He flattened on his belly and reached one arm into frigid pond, keeping his face turned to one side.

She stomped over to the boulder beside him. “Will. You. Stop. You’ll miss the bus.”

“I’ve almost got it,” he grunted, pressing his cheek tight against the stone to extend his reach.

Curious, she tipped her head to see what was so interesting down there. She gasped. A cut stone of brilliant blue rested at the edge of a stone shelf three feet underwater. One wrong move and the gem would tumble into unknowable depths. Tugging her thermos strap from her shoulder, she dumped her lunch on the shore. “Hold on. I’ve got an idea.”

150 words

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  1. Apparently part of a much larger tale.

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    1. Could be. I ran out of words!


  2. Is she going to empty out the pool? This is intriguing. I like how you immediately rope us in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ran out of words! I saw photos of school kids in this region with a thermos on a strap, and I think she means to hook it. But I have a feeling things will not work out like they planned. Thanks for reading!


  3. Oh, I’d like to know what her idea is and how the tale ends up. Very nice

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Hope you’ll considering joining us for a fiction prompt on Pegman this week!

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  4. left us hanging – but hopeful the get that gem!


  5. I was intrigued straight away – love the dialogue, the remote location, and how the girl gets drawn in. A tantalising task- somehow I don’t think the strap idea is going to work….

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  6. I’m intrigued too! Like everyone else, you have me wanting to know if their plan with the thermos will work. But I deal in fairy tales, so I’m skipping straight ahead to it working, and wondering what the secret of the blue gem could be. Is it magic? Is is part of a prophecy? Was it stolen from someone famous long ago and its location has been a great mystery? The possibilities are so exciting!


  7. How delightful to have a story about an unexpected treasure! I love sparkly things, and it sounds like the girl and her brother have found the ultimate sparkly thing! How exciting!

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  8. Count me in for ‘intrigued’, Karen. Perhaps she’s just going to hold him by the ankles so he can stretch further? Perhaps the gem is cursed/enchanted/part of a haul of treasure lost by some VERY BAD PEOPLE. All fun possibilities. Lovely tale

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  9. peterkirsch

    I was expecting a vicious lizard or snapping turtle to relieve him of a couple fingers.
    Guess it still could happen.

    Gold coins? Precious aquamarine? What’s gotten into you?
    Are you sitting on a mother lode somewhere and not sharing?

    Love the intrigue in these. I want more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I guess I’m hoping for some treasure. Thanks for reading!


  10. Very intriguing.


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