What Pegman Saw: The Wedding Party

Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island, U.P., Michigan | © Luna Tech, Google Maps


“Was it something I said?” Chloe said, eyes wide.

He sighed and shook his head. His mother was always making a scene. It was always her with the shrill scream in the fine restaurant; her with the foot stomp in the jewelry store. And just now—her flinging the croquet mallets across the lawn over a little change in dinner plans.

“It’s okay. I’m sure she’ll be fine,” he said.

“We can do the rehearsal dinner earlier. It’s no big deal.”

“Nonsense, darling. What’s a rehearsal dinner without the bride’s parents?” he wrapped an arm around Chloe’s shoulder and kissed her.

She frowned in the direction of the hotel. “I’m sorry my parents couldn’t come earlier. With Ben in intensive care, they couldn’t—”

“Look at me.”

Chloe turned.

He brushed her hair back and kissed her brow. “Listen to me. It’s time for my mother to grow up.”

150 words

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  1. That’s great. I can’t imagine that his advice will be heeded, though.


    1. You are probably right. Thanks for reading, J. Hardy!


  2. I like the way we feel the union between these two – even though not an ideal situation (and you captured the tension many families feel and the way many mothers can be) but if Chloe and her man keep this connecting up – they will have a nice partnership…


    1. I think so too! That’s what I was going for. In laws can be a challenge in many marriages, but luckily he is on the right side. Thanks for reading, Prior.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes – thankfully on the right side – woo hoo


  3. You’ve shown us the tenderness that Chloe and her fiancé share. I don’t think Chloe will stop apologising, though, not now, not ever. It’s who she is.
    Nice writing, Karen!


    1. I liked that you picked that up. You might be right. Thanks for reading!


  4. Bernadette Braganza

    I hope Chloe’s​ Mother-in-law decides to sober soon and continue with the wedding as her son wants.


    1. I hope so too, although I’m not very hopeful. Thanks for reading, Bernadette!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The embarrassing parent! Love the series of “her,…” It really gives us a feel for what this particular mom is like out in public. I wonder if you want commas after each”her” in the series? I read it with a pause, but up to you, of course.

    The contrast of shy bride-to-be and boisterous mother-in-law can be an interesting one. It would be fun to watch these characters develop. And I agree with Penny: apologizing may be Chloe’s coping mechanism of choice. Especially if she is from the Midwest! 🙂 Great writing.


    1. LOL over the Midwesterner apologizing. Yes, maybe that’s it.

      I like your suggestion about the commas after HER, it would emphasize a high-frequency word that could easily be lost and not get the emphasis it needs. And that woman needs a lot of emphasis!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I really like the subtle way you get the family dynamics. The new mother-in-law with her ‘shrill scream’ & ‘her foot stamp’ speaks volumes about how her son’s growing up was. Good writing Karen.


    1. Thanks for reading Francine and thanks for your kind comment.


  7. Ugh. So very well done, I can just picture the “scene” (in every way…) No bridezilla here, it’s a Monster-in-Law!


    1. YES, monster-in-law for sure. Did anyone every do that as a reality show?? Thanks for reading Dale!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There was that movie with J. Lo and Jane Fonda 😉
        And I know they had those bridezilla shows (never watched one!)

        Liked by 1 person

  8. abhiray59

    Mothers can be something sometimes. It is nice, the man is calm, composed and confident. Nice. story.


    1. Thanks for reading abhiray! Yes indeed, mothers can be something else 😉


  9. We’ve all met a few of these – controlling, manipulative, throwing their toys out the pram when they can’t get their own way! I have to agree, I don’t think mum will change. But at least her son is wise to her behaviour and won’t cave to it. Mum does not control him.Beautifully written Karen

    Liked by 1 person

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