K. Rawson, aka Karen Rawson, aka the writer formerly known as Karen Cherry

NAME: k. Rawson

REAL NAME: Karen Rawson

OCCUPATION: Author, freelance writer, technologista with a passion for user experience. Twenty years experience in an alphabet soup of programming languages.




Karen was born and raised in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa. After twenty years working as a web developer, she’s currently on sabbatical pursing some writing projects.

A proud member of a diverse family, she and her spouse, writer J. Hardy Carroll live in a 94-year-old folk-gothic-colonial-revival house named Marilyn. They have four children, two dogs, and one perpetually angry house cat.

GLOBAL CAUSE: Writing fierce fiction, honoring courageous women, empowering girls, anti-bullying activism, suicide prevention, bringing more women and girls into technology.

Also, hugging trees. Like, literally.

SUPERPOWERS: Flash fiction, house staging, improvisational-interpretive dance. Reciting Where the Wild Things Are by heart. Also, procrastination.

SUPERHERO SIDEKICK: Works solo, but if she were to choose one, she’d pick Bigfoot.


NOTABLE FICTION: Author of HITLIST (2015 Grapnel Press) YA Contemporary. A teenage girl creates a computer virus to get revenge on cyberbullies.

NOTABLE NON-FICTION: HER Magazine and Grande Living.

ALSO APPEARING ON: The Drabble, 101 Words, and The Daily Palette.

LITERARY FEATS OF STRENGTH: Won a trip to Jamaica with one precise paragraph.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Once jumped in a raging river to rescue two kids. Did not succeed. Luckily, someone else did.

YOU CAN FIND HER on Facebook, Twitter @krawsoner or via email using the form below:


#Diversity, #LGBTQEquality, #GenderFluidAlly, #SuicideSurvivor, #AdoptionRocks, #LatinaPride, #BlackLivesMatter, #Autism