NAME: k. Rawson

REAL NAME: Karen Rawson

OCCUPATION: Author, freelance writer, technologista. Twenty years experience in an alphabet soup of programming languages.




Karen was born and raised in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa. After twenty years working as a web developer, she’s taken a sabbatical to pursue some writing projects.

A proud member of a diverse family, she and her spouse, writer J. Hardy Carroll live in a 94-year-old folk-gothic-colonial-revival house named Marilyn. They have four children, two dogs, and one perpetually angry house cat.

GLOBAL CAUSE: Writing fierce fiction, honoring courageous women, empowering girls, anti-bullying activism, suicide prevention, bringing more women and girls into technology.

Also, hugging trees. Like, literally.

SUPERPOWERS: Flash fiction, house staging, improvisational-interpretive dance. Reciting Where the Wild Things Are by heart. Also, procrastination.

SUPERHERO SIDEKICK: Works solo, but if she were to choose one, she’d pick Bigfoot.


NOTABLE FICTION: Author of HITLIST (2015 Grapnel Press) YA Contemporary. A teenage girl creates a computer virus to get revenge on cyberbullies.

NOTABLE NON-FICTION: Look for her work in upcoming issues of HER Magazine and Grande Living.

ALSO APPEARING ON: The Drabble, 101 Words, and The Daily Palette.

LITERARY FEATS OF STRENGTH: Won a trip to Jamaica with one precise paragraph.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Once jumped in a raging river to rescue two kids. Did not succeed. Luckily, someone else did.

YOU CAN FIND HER on Facebook, Twitter @krawsoner or via email using the form below:


#Diversity, #LGBTQEquality, #GenderFluidAlly, #SuicideSurvivor, #AdoptionRocks, #LatinaPride, #BlackLivesMatter, #Autism