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Two updates, some publication news and one shocking fact

Update #1:  My novel The Kwan Factor is up to more than 27,000 words on NaNoWriMo.

Publication News: I’m proud to announce a short story/personal essay I wrote has been selected to appear on the University of Iowa’s Iowa Writes Daily Palette:

Update #2: My novel The Kwan Factor is up to 27,000 words today on NaNoWriMo. I know I said that, right? But I’m so flipping amazed at my progress that it bears repeating.

The shocking tidbit: I don’t hate it! My story, I mean. Astonishing as it is, I think I may actually finish this draft and have somewhere to go with it.

Happy November 12th.

I am not the Ashley Madison hacker

To set the record straight:

Yes, it’s true that I’m a computer programmer—but that in no way makes me a hacker. And yes, it’s true that my novel HitList is about a hacker who stole the user database of a disreputable website of nefarious purpose. And yes, after the hacking, the website users’ secrets were unleashed, and much chaos did ensue. But no no no no, I did not hack the Ashley Madison website.  

Look—I saw how it turned out in HitList. I know better.

HitList by K. Rawson

HitList by K. Rawson available on Amazon

Wednesday and The Thing That is Kind of Big Deal or I’d Like to Thank the Academy

You know that feeling you get when it’s Wednesday, hovering somewhere between ten and eleven o’clock, and you can’t prove it–but you’re pretty sure the corporate overlords have stopped all the clocks in the building–or slowed them down considerably–and Saturday is only a mythical creature lurking on the other side of a forest of meetings and a swamp of chores and and a moat of to-dos, and the only thing you can think about is pulling a Netflix marathon while eating peanut butter from a jar with a soup ladle?

Okay, maybe it’s just me.

But I do have good news. Today I learned that Kirkus Reviews chose HitList for a featured review in their July issue. I even got a pullquote! You’ll just have to take my word for it for now, since I’m too tired to show you. Color me every shade of excited-happy-tired. A very good Wednesday in spite of the corporate overlords.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy HitList

HitList by K. RawsonIt’s release day for my novel HitList. It’s now available on Amazon in print or Kindle version. And if summer reading isn’t a good enough reason for you, here are ten more reasons to buy my book:

10. Money-back guarantee if you don’t find it chock-full-o-words.

9. Get it before it’s banned.

8. Four words: My kids’ college fund.

7. Sara Megibow can’t be wrong.

6. $2.99!

5. Jake: first you love to hate him, then you hate to love him.

4. My son will personally clean up the dog poop in your yard. (I’m kidding. He won’t even clean up the dog poop in my yard.)

3. Because you better make sure you’re not in it.

2. Because hacker girls are just plain cool.

1. Teenagers: This is the book your parents warned you about.

HitList Review and Release Date

HitList by K. Rawson

Big news on the old blog today. First, I’m happy to share the first official review of my novel HitList, by Kirkus.


An impulsive high school cyber-prank spirals dangerously out of control in Rawson’s visceral, compelling debut YA novel.

Barton High, in a fancy Chicago neighborhood, is a typical school full of freaks and geeks, and senior Quinn Cotti belongs to the latter category. Despite a strong aptitude for computers, her socioeconomic status ensures that she can only make it to her dream school, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a scholarship. Unfortunately, that passport to success may be in danger. In an impulsive move, she once had a drunken sexual fling with her longtime crush—a dreamboat named Jake Vanadel. Now, it appears that Jake has posted their encounter on HitList, an online site that lets kids brag about their “scores.” After other men also put her on their lists, she finds that her school reputation has changed to one of promiscuity. Determined to take revenge, she unleashes a computer virus that hacks her fellow classmates’ social media accounts and posts their unsavory material online. The virus, however, takes on a life of its own, spawning unintended consequences that affect a host of Barton students, including, among others, the slimy Eli Edimas, son of a high-powered attorney; and Cameron Price, a bullied gay kid. As Quinn and Jake try to contain the damage, they come to know the “thorny fact that lies and truth have equal weight,” and that honesty may be the only way out of the mess. The novel’s characters seem to be cast from a standard high school playbook, and, as such, they often stick close to stereotype. That said, the story scores high marks for its taut pacing and for Rawson’s pitch-perfect ear for teenage talk. It also clarifies the nuanced nature of cyberbullying, in which distinct definitions of perpetrators and victims are difficult to come by; after all, Quinn may have unleashed the virus, but her actions also ring true for someone who’s been publicly shamed.

A precise portrait of the teen zeitgeist that reassures readers that, despite indications to the contrary, the kids are all right.

The official release date of my debut novel will be July 2, 2015. The ebook is currently available at Amazon for pre-order.

And hey, if you’re interested in obtaining a free review copy of my book, please provide your email via my contact form and let me know what format you prefer: print, kindle, EPUB or PDF.

Thanks to everyone who stuck by on on this journey!

Big Ideas, Little Time

Yesterday, I had the most amazing idea!

Truly. It was a killer plot twist for my WIP and I could see instantly how perfect it was. How right. How clever. How utterly badass and organically woven into the very fabric of the story—as if it had existed all along and was just waiting for me to discover it.

Ideas this big, they don’t come along every day. In my case, they’re rare.

Actually, never.

Yep. In truth, I never had a clever idea, up until yesterday. I couldn’t wait to write it down.

But then, the meeting. After that, my boss. The QA server meltdown. Lunch at my desk. The four-dozen calls to coworkers for status. The code that wouldn’t compile and the bug on the test server. And suddenly it was 4:30 and time to hurry home and walk the dog and fix the dinner and fold the laundry and do the dishes and sign the permission slip and email the teacher and run the daughter’s bath.

And of course I always leave a block of time open at the end of the day for the Shame Ritual: that special time where I alternate between yelling at the kids to brush their teeth and chastising myself for whatever I failed to get done.

But finally it came: a quiet hour to write, which actually was only fifteen minutes by then. Well really five, because I spent an extra ten trying to find clean socks for my son. And then I sort of fell asleep.

But there’s always tomorrow, I say. Which is today.

Now if I could just remember that goddamn idea.


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I’m a Dog’s Ass and Other Things my Phone Thinks

My phone hates me. Or maybe it’s not hate so much as sneering disrespect.

IMG_1476Case in point: I manage my calendar on my phone. That’s the wonderful thing with smartphones: everyone trots around with their own personal assistant at the ready. Start my coffee! Turn up the heat! Add four boxes Barefoot wine to the grocery list!

It’s really astounding if you think about it. So there I was, putting my week together  and on Tuesdays I take my dog to agility class. So I said: “Emma dog class”

I’m a dog’s ass

Seriously? I repeat it three times. Each time, my phone smirks back at me: I’m a dog’s ass.

Do I argue with that?

I walk a lot. Gets the wheels turning when I’m writing and part of the appeal of my particular phone was the thought that I could march along and dictate all my profound musings as they occurred to me. Because God forbid I have a deep thought that isn’t saved for posterity.

But my phone is a churlish, inattentive, gum-chewing idiot.

Consider this mystifying entry from my notes:

Voted up for good measure. And it stays that way.

Or this:

Feel the shiver's ink to the base of yours. Bye.

Or this:

Sleep frayed at both ends.

Well I actually sort of like that last one.

But it’s 2015. Haven’t we perfected this technology by now? Maybe it’s me. Maybe after all these years I haven’t mastered the English language. And there are those that read my blog that might argue such. Or maybe my phone thinks I sound like I have a dog’s ass squished against my face. Who knows. But the whole thing is a daily source of frustration.

Play music: the Handsome Family.

Which member of your family do you want to call?

OH MY GOD. It’s moments like this I feel like such a dog’s ass.

What does your phone think of you?