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Waking up in June

Two things:

1. I’m on vacation!

2. A poem:

Waking up in June

Hey Koolaid, get your summer on
Morning dew but I don’t
back down.

School’s out
fools out
Watch me swing so high the chain goes slack
squealing on the breathcatch dizzy-down
higher than you.

Race me to the corner
no—the pool
no—the end of the world
I’ve got all summer to beat you.

Popscicle, bicycle, flycycle
Barefoot and coppertoned, hear my rally call:
I’ve got a pool pass, wanna see it?
Olly olly oxen free!
Jarful of night and firefly
I don’t see no streetlights. I can stay out late ya know
Twenty-five cents buys a fresh box of crayons
Do ya wanna know a secret?
Look inside:

I’ve got a million colors