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My Dearest Emmaline

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly writing challenge hosted by the gracious Rochelle

Writers are challenged to submit a 100-word (or less) flash fiction piece inspired by the photo-prompt. My offering for the week:

exxon exhibit gem

Friday Fictioneer’s prompt Picture’s courtesy of Marie Gail Stratford

My Dearest Emmaline,

I earnestly await your delight when at last you rest your eyes upon this wondrous land.

It is a sublimely temperate place, with clear skies and crystal waters. The natives are a goodly people: handsome, straight and honorable in habit. All manner of game abounds and the earth lies eager for seed and plow.

New Centre is a hundred souls strong and the men have agreed: we shall send for our families posthaste. Expect instruction soon to come–but first, I must tell you of my astonishing discovery! Today, I happened upon the most curious crystal.


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