This Forgotten Place

Google Street View of Burhhanpur

Google Street View of Burhhanpur


Eat, pray, love, my ass. I’d picked up Delhi belly in Kochi that had taken me until Mombai to shake. I’d been infested by some water-borne parasite doing sunrise puja at Surat. The handsome Brit I’d met in Ahmedabad had stolen my passport and wallet, and I’d spent eight days waiting at the embassy.

By now, there was nothing left to lose. Even my sandal had given out on the walk from the main road. Every possession I had left fit into one canvas bag that I had slung over a shoulder.

I’d been ‘looking for something’, a thought that made me laugh now. There was nothing to find in this forgotten place—just one more thing to check off a bucket list that no one followed.

I padded to the open-air window and looked out past the river, and squinted at the rising sun.

And realized, finally, what I’d found.


This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw.

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  1. This is great. I love the frantic despairing tone at the beginning and the tease of profound realization at the end. Funny, too. Nice work.

  2. Graham Lawrence

    I agree with J Hardy. Excellent. Love ‘Even my sandal had given out on the walk …’ and the surprise ending. Well done.

  3. Excellent, I had a similar idea about the Indian tourist ideal not living up to expectations, although mine is still searching for their happy ending! Well done.

    1. I blame Marjorie! Thanks for reading

  4. Dear Karen,

    In the 60’s there was a movie called The Out of Towners with Jack Lemmon. Anything that could go wrong did on a couple’s trip to NY City. I couldn’t help but think of it. I love your descriptions and emotions in this. So much more story than a mere 150 words.



    1. Thanks Rochelle! I know that movie but I admit it’s been awhile. Thanks for reading.

  5. You have to love a story that opens with that line! Someone so desperately searching outside of themselves has a big chasm within, I think. Perhaps that’s her realisation at the end? Great story

    1. Thanks Lynn. Yes, I think that may be what she’s figured out.

  6. As first paragraphs go, that’s a cracker! I loved the switch from cynicism to wonder.

    1. Thanks so much Sandra! Thanks for reading.

      Squee! I just you shared a story. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  7. That first line is a zinger then your story just gets better. I love the contrast between what the heck and Wow.

    1. Thanks so much Alicia 🙂

  8. Eat, pray, love, not my favorite book and a worse movie. Your message was more clear in 150 words. Loved it.

    1. lol, you crack me up. Thanks for reading Tracey 🙂

  9. Beautifully conceived and penned.

  10. You scored with the first and last line and a lot in between. Great writing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading!

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