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The Cyber-thriller Series




Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Grapnel Press, 2015.

Quinn Cotti has a 4.0 GPA and can hack the school database. From her phone. While driving. And when her reputation is trashed by cyberbullies, she can concoct the perfect revenge. But when her computer virus posts a secret video and a classmate commits suicide, she learns her detractors had unexpected motivations.

Kirkus Reviews says: An impulsive high school cyber-prank spirals dangerously out of control in Rawson’s visceral, compelling debut YA novel…A precise portrait of the teen zeitgeist.

If you liked Thirteen Reasons Why, don’t miss HitList. As fresh and frightening as the day’s headlines, this timely novel exposes cyber bullying from three points of view: the victim, the villain–and the one who’s both.


thekwanfactorTHE KWAN FACTOR (complete)

When Kass writes a popularity ranking app called Kwan, she only means to save her computer science grade. Besting the sexist dolts her programming class is just a perk. But even if the nerds aren’t impressed, Kass realizes: data is currency. By mining her users’ private information, she can win the guy she likes and finally earn her way out of social Siberia.

It’s too bad half the time, her intel winds up being false. Hoping to uncover the truth, she releases an update, exposing more of her users’ private lives to scrutiny.

By the time she realizes a serial predator is roaming the halls at Westdale, will anyone believe her? And what if the only way to convince them is to let everyone know exactly how much Kwan can see?

Smart and funny, The Kwan Factor is the perfect book for anyone who ever looked into their webcam and wondered if they should put tape on it.

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BEST FRIENDS FOR NEVER (work in progress)

The story of a boy and a girl. And another girl. And a murder uncovered on Google Maps. And a secret kept at any cost.

Darlow and Jesse haven’t spoken to one another since fifth grade, but they do have one thing in common: the desire to move out of Epic Falls the instant they graduate. But when the charismatic Cat Indigo arrives from Hollywood and uncovers a murder, graduation might not be soon enough.